Laffy Maffei Gallery is building the art trading blockchain-based platform and creates a new financial digital asset: collectors invest in an artwork from 20€ and receive royalties from the edition of the artwork. 

Based on our observation that today’s most innovative creation is digital -made on computer-, art has become a digital file that can take multiple forms:  2D or 3D print, video, augmented and virtual reality. Artworks can be adapted to any space and therefore become site-specific and unique.

Because the art market is based on scarcity, we challenged ourselves to create a model that has never been done before: a model that keeps the investment issue while allowing unlimited editions of the artwork.

Inspired by the conceptual artist Sol LeWitt and his Wall Drawings, we make the distinction between the intellectual creation of the artwork and its materiality.

By creating a token per artwork on the Ethereum blockchain, tokenholders receive royalties on the exploitation of the artwork. The more an artwork is exhibited and edited, the more investors receive royalties. Investors are given the opportunity to trade their tokens on our trading platform.

 We create the art market of the future.

Laffy Maffei Gallery has 3 activities:

  • Gallery: sale & trade artwork tokens
  • Editor: creation of custom-made art editions
  • Exhibition services: organisation of turnkey exhibitions and production of educational tools