Laffy Maffei Gallery is an art trading blockchain-based platform that offers new financial digital assets. With as little as 1€, collectors can invest in any given artwork and receive royalties from the sales of open edition prints.

Today’s most innovative creations are digital – as in computer-generated – and we aim to explore the multiple art forms a digital file can take: 2D or 3D prints, videos, augmented and virtual reality. The gallery’s artworks can be custom-made to fit in any space, thus becoming site-specific and unique.

Whereas the art market relies on scarcity, we challenge ourselves to build a progressive business model that allows for the unlimited editions of artworks while keeping art investors’ financial interest in mind.

Inspired by conceptual artist Sol LeWitt and his Wall Drawings, we differentiate the intellectual property of artwork from its physical reality.

Using the Ethereum blockchain to distribute artwork-specific tokens, the gallery allows its token holders to own shares of an artwork’s intellectual property and receive royalties on its exploitation. The more an artwork is exhibited and edited, the more royalties investors receive. Meanwhile, investors always have the opportunity to trade their tokens on our trading platform.

We create the art market of the future.

Laffy Maffei Gallery fulfills three functions:

  • Investment: Sale and trade of artwork tokens
  • Editions: Production of custom-made art editions
  • Exhibition services: Organization of turnkey exhibitions and design of educational tools