Taking the PULSE on contemporary art • March 9, 2016

Taking the PULSE on Contemporary art

• March 9, 2016 • 

THE ABSORBE | Helena Calmfors

March is the month of Art Fairs in New York City, and hundreds of galleries from all over the world are showing their works. The city’s fairs give an opportunity to take the pulse on the art world not only in New York, but globally. Navigating the rather intimidating number of art events to see in the city, The Absorbe decided to take the temperature on the contemporary art scene at PULSE. Founded in 2005 PULSE has become an important part of the New York art calendar. The focus of the fair is on cutting-edge art and emerging galleries and this year’s highlights include new media, new ways for the art world to handle digital technology and, of course, commentary on current events.

Brenna Murphy and Sabrina Ratté at Laffy Maffei Gallery

At Paris Gallery Laffy Maffei, art has adapted to new technology. The gallery has recognized the fact that the art market is based on rarity; while at the same time new technology allows art to be printed and reproduced indefinitely. How does an artist handle that especially if their work is already created digitally? Laffy Maffei has decided to handle the new art market by making a distinction between intellectual creation and materiality, making it possible for the collector either to buy a share of the intellectual property or a custom made print.