Alexandra Gorczynski 

Born in 1983 in Pensacola, FL, US
Lives and works in Philadelphia, PA

Curriculum Vitae

Artist website

  1. Languor in the Flowers, 2016, print, video, AR

  2. Poetics Not Alone, 2015, print, video, AR

  3. The Mask and the Mirror, 2015, print, video, AR

  4. Lazy Medusa, 2015, print, video, AR

  5. Illuminated Crescent, 2015, print, video, AR


Alexandra Gorczynski creates two-dimensional, sculptural and video works that investigate the overlap of virtual and actual states of being. Layering together paint, photographs, and moving images, Gorczynski celebrates the formal potential of new media. She also explores the fluidity of identity, the sensuous and corporeal limitations of the virtual and the real, and more recently, a modernist approach to materials, color, and form.

Layering textiles, art tools, painted gestures, and images of such, Gorczynski builds uncanny compositions allowing the audience to slip in and out of digital and actual realms. The craft components and marginal inclusions of the artist and her home occupy our world and alternate worlds tugging at our understanding of objects and reality.

Her work also questions the representation of the female body within the digital era. She opposes ideal nudes with the depiction of existing women, thus pointing out to the new representational possibilities, as well as the gap between physical and virtual realities.

Alexandra Gorczynski (American, born 1983 – ) graduated from the Rhode School of Design in 2006. With solo shows across the United States and in London, as well as group exhibitions in cities like Vienna and Paris, Gorcynski has earned clear visibility for her digital paintings and video works. Exhibiting at fairs like Art Basel and Pulse Art Fair, Gorczynski asserts her role as a contemporary trendsetter.