Born in 1985 in Bratislava, SK

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, US

Curriculum Vitae

Artist website

  1. DOM •REQ, 2016, print, video

  2. ¡™¡™¡™¡™¡’ df ‘¡™¡™¡™¡™¡, 2016, print, video

  3. Lakjdflakjdf;lkajdf…, 2016, print

  4. Ljjkbkjbkjbkjbkjbk, 2016, print

  5. Vmpvf, 2016, print

  6. Outcrop, 2016, print

  7. Disisis, 2016, print


Andrej Ujhazy is most celebrated for his digital brushstrokes –  originating from the drop-down menu on MSPaint – as well as his ability to layer colors in Photoshop. He has an all-over command of painting on software, using textures and colors and operating thoughtful optical effects on screen. Typical details of his work include the discordant feel of one end gradient against another, the inscription of lines on the volume of a bright surface, and mind-blowing patterns.

The digital painter constructs his subjects from on-screen worlds, with the apparent influence of large-scale online games like Starcraft or Warcraft – displacing their figures and landscapes into dream-like, sketchy simulations. In his first ebook, Good Surveyolist’s Field Manuel to The Official Services Chartered-Term C, Ujhazy builds a context or narrative for his paintings of space-traveling soldiers in uniforms and gear. Ujhazy’s pictorial universe – which also involves grunts and clerks in some futuristic paramilitary bureaucracy – is described as part of a video game’s instruction manual. Ujhazy blurs the boundaries with the former genre, weaving an intricate pattern that is hard to interpret – something which also pertains in the text, written with grainy, rune-like typeface, peppered with sci-fi neologisms and defamiliarizing misspellings.

Andrej Ujhazy (Slovak, born 1985 – ) lives in New York, where he participated in many group exhibitions, along with shows in Oakland, Washington and London, and online art fairs. He also presented videos at the Serpentine Gallery, and Saatchi Gallery, London, as part of Pun Sarasas’ show Re Make Re Model (2011).