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Car nous sommes tout à la fois Indivisibles et pulvérisés …

  1. 40°42 13.5 N 73°59 35.9 W, 2014, print

  2. 40°43’08.0″N 73°59’26.9″W, 2014, print

  3. 40°43 37.0 N 73°59 34.6 W, 2014, print

  4. 47°29 55.8 N 19°04 37.1 E, 2014, print

  5. +48° 50′ 54.51″, +2° 20′ 22.58″, 2014, print

  6. +50° 25′ 12.24″, +2° 56′ 50.44″, 2014, print


Jannick Guillou is a multi-disciplinary visual artist whose work lies at the crossroads of art and graphic design, of writing and staging. She focuses on objects and spaces that make up our daily lives (flowers, streets, interiors, etc.) and that she transcribes, translates, distorts, refines and sketches thanks to the use of digital tools. With her drawings, wall graphics, and immersive installations, she creates narratives that bring fresh perspectives on familiar subjects.

In her work, Guillou often searches for ways of making the thought process visible. Through the use of rough outlines, pictures’ frameworks remain perceptible. Meanwhile, visual and textual simulations question the creation of images and narratives. By transforming the appearance of domestic spaces and objects, Guillou ultimately impedes our understanding of the world that surrounds us.

Jannick Guillou (French, born 1982 – ) completed her studies at Le Fresnoy, the National studio of contemporary arts in Tourcoing. Close to the movie industry, she has been responsible for the stage design, motion design, and graphics of many TV productions. With residencies and exhibitions all across France, including venues like the Grand Palais, the Musée Passager and the Contemporary Art Biennale of Cahors, Guillou has set herself as an endowed digital artist.