Born in 1978, US

Lives and works in US

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. Prson (incandescence of myth and confinement), 2014, print

  2. Prson iii (incandescence of myth and confinement, 2014, print  

  3. Akhiishm i, 2014, print

  4. Akhiishm ii, 2014, print

  5. Akhiishm iii, 2014, print

  6. Inivichrys i, 2011, print

  7. Inivichrys ii, 2011, Edition of 3, print

  8. Inivichrys iii, 2011, Edition of 3, print

  9. Sediishm i, 2010, print


Internet artist Krist Wood is one of the most well-recognized and – paradoxically – most secretive creative minds of the web. Wood’s fascination with networks and systems of information started as a kid and later developed exploring all the art created in an underlying world where data gets lost.

Dreamscapes are a distinctive feature of his work. Wood believes sleep to be an ideal moment for recollecting memories. These visions appear as either vivid projections or blurred images of past events, mixing fantasy and reality. In works like Inivichrys and Akhiishm, the design process involves the remembrance of a landscape that the artist saw or experienced within a specific space, often referring to visual elements like colors, contours, surfaces or atmosphere. The artist then merges personal image recollection with the mass imagery available on the internet, looking for visuals that feature similar qualities as his visions.

As Wood explains, “When I use the internet, I experience a sense of traveling. It feels like flying, like in a dream, or sometimes like walking down a strange path. Each day when I access it, I think about where I would like to go. Sometimes I find a special place, then I can’t remember how to get back to it again; maybe it’s gone. Other times I feel as though I’m hovering over someone’s life, like a ghost. I experience similar feelings in my dreams. For me, existing in the internet and dreaming are intertwined.”

Krist Wood (American) pursues a scientific career but always believed his first discipline to be a catalyst for developing internet-art. He holds a faculty position in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at Yale University and conducts biomedical research funded by the National Institutes of Health. Meanwhile, Wood also founded many well known internet-art websites like Computers ClubBegin Records, and Internet Archeology.