Sabrina Ratté

Born in 1982 in Quebec City, CA
Lives and works between Montreal and Paris

Curriculum Vitae

Artist website

  1. Domestic Landscape: Eclipse, 2017, print, video projection, AR

  2. Other Spaces: Winter Garden, 2016, print, video, AR

  3. Other Spaces: Intraroom, 2016, video, print, AR, with Brenna Murphy

  4. Waterfall, 2016, print, video, AR

  5. Escales I, 2015-2016, prints, video

  6. Escales II, 2015-2016, prints, video

  7. Brise Soleil, 2015, print, video


Sabrina Ratté illustrates oppositions between utopia and dystopia, exploring both figuration and, its contrary, abstraction. Her work involves single-channel videos, installations, sculptures, live performances, and prints. From utopian architecture to painterly textures, the artist investigates the ambiguous line between virtual and physical realms.

Her creative journey started with early video art, allowing her to explore analog technologies such as video synthesizers and video feedback. She then integrated 3D animation to her process, which made it possible to create more complex imageries that conveyed a timeless aesthetic.

Sabrina Ratté (Canadian, born 1982 – ) lives and work between Montreal and Paris. After a BFA and MFA in Film Production at Concordia University in Montreal, she focused solely on video as a media. Her exhibitions are of international reach with shows at the Dolby Gallery (San Francisco), the Young Project Gallery (Los Angeles), the Whitney Museum of Art (NYC), the Chronus Art Center (Shanghai), the Museum of the Moving Image (New York) and the International Digital Arts Biennal of Bian (Montreal).