Stefan Saalfeld

Born in 1962 in in Ingolstadt, DE
Lives and works in Munich, DE

Curriculum Vitae

Artist website

  1. Mobile (interior 543), 2015, print

  2. Guest (interior 538), 2015, print

  3. After hours (interior 527), 2015, print


Stefan Saalfeld re-examines classical painting while exploring the possibilities of digital technology. Through IT image retouching software, the artist fragments familiar works into several components that are then taken piece by piece and reassembled into multi-layer models. He creates his images in series, allowing him to explore themes that he chooses with great detail.

Selected elements can be transformed, alienated through the creative use of photo editing programs, and later combined to form complex image narratives. Saalfeld builds his fascinating compositions by overlaying geometric patterns, textures and psychedelic abstractions. Aiming to re-assemble these elements into new combinations, the artist lays bare contour and form and dissolves structure and context. Thus, what appears to be fixed shapes, in fact, lose boundaries to become part of all-encompassing structures.

Saalfeld’s computer-generated aesthetic is surprisingly sensuous and nuanced. The addition of soft painted effects and illusionistic devices make for a unique mixture. Works can be composed of up to forty layers. The creative process allows for maximum precision, right down to the tiniest detail. The artist wished for his artifacts to generate a dual response. From a standard viewing distance, the viewer can understand the overarching idea of the picture and its composition. Meanwhile, close-up views reveal an astonishing amount of details.

Stefan Saalfeld (Germany, 1962 – ) graduated from Munich’s Academy of Fine Art in 1993 and started focusing on digital painting in 2005. Since then his work became influential in Germany, where he now exhibits as part of group and solo exhibitions in Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt – as well as London.