Turnkey Exhibitions

Besides the hundreds of museums opening each year, hybrid places such as shopping malls, hotels, and private companies show increasing interest in cultural projects. By offering new experiences through events or exhibitions, they encourage growing interactions amongst visitors, employees, and citizens overall.

Laffy Maffei Gallery develops turnkey exhibitions for traditional and new cultural actors. Offers include the design of a curatorial project, production of digital artworks, scenography and setting up of the show.

We believe that culture improves cohesion and dialogue which is why we provide answers to the growing needs of socially responsible companies harvesting cultural projects.

Advantages: artworks produced on demand without any fees incumbent to transport, insurance, surveillance. Artworks can be ephemeral and destroyed after usage, and visitors can order their customized versions of the art piece.

Educational Tools

We believe in knowledge transfer and education.

Digital art participates in the development of art history. While different from traditional creation in nature, it continues to deal with iconic and timeless themes, such as beauty, love, movement, space, death and daily life.

Our mission is to give an understanding of art history and show how new artworks add value to the legacy of art making.

Turnkey exhibitions come with several educational tools enabling to place today’s artworks in a historical perspective:

  • Exhibition catalogues

  • Analysis of an artwork 

  • Leaflets about artworks, their history and genesis

  • Digital application downloadable on smartphone

  • Guided tour and conferences

  • Art workshops for children

  • Art-related programming and coding classes