Jannick Guillou

Jannick Guillou

Jannick Guillou is a multi-disciplinary visual artist whose work lies at the crossroads of art and graphic design, of writing and staging. She is interested in objects and spaces (flowers, a street, an interior space…) that make up our daily lives and that she transcribes, translates, distorts, refines and sketches thanks to the use of the digital tool. With her drawings, wall graphics and immersive installations, Guillou creates narrative universes in which she develops new perspectives on familiar subjects.

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It is often a question of making visible a thought process, in other words a rough outline where the framework of the work is still perceptible. She thus creates visual and textual simulations that question the creation of images as much as that of stories. By transforming the appearance of our everyday spaces and objects, Guillou impedes the evidence with which we look at the world around us.

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Car nous sommes tout à la fois Indivisibles et pulvérisés…


450 Tokens / Still Image

40°42 13.5 N 73°59 35.9 W

47°29 55.8 N 19°04 37.1 E

40°43’08.0″N 73°59’26.9″W

+48° 50′ 54.51″, +2° 20′ 22.58″

+50° 25′ 12.24″, +2° 56′ 50.44″

40°43 37.0 N 73°59 34.6 W

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