Justine Emard

Justine Emard

Justine Emard challenges through different media (photography, video, installations and augmented reality) the image in its materiality. Many of her works explore the paradigms of cinema which encompass the screen, the frame and the out-of-frame. During a creative journey in Dallas (United-States) in 2008, Emard conducted a study on the disappearance of drive-in theaters. This decisive moment led her to track and photograph all the rectangles painted white by anonymous people on the street walls like potential screens.

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Justine Emard bases her work on the idea of a progressive disappearance of the image and continues to reflect on it, especially with a series of photographs based on a reframing of the landscape using abandoned building openings. The artist’s interest in ruins, derelict places and architecture is accompanied by an attempt to inject a new form of life as though to resist a melancholic post-modern temptation and imagine new means to build our way of looking at things.

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500 Tokens / Video • Still Image • AR

Intermission I

Capture d’écran 2017-11-23 à 14.40.24

Intermission II

Intermission III

Intermission IV

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