Thomas Lévy Lasne

Thomas Levy-Lasne


Thomas Levy-Lasne fully fits into a history of classic painting – figurative and realistic – as he uses oil painting, and more recently, watercolor and drawing. He finds inspiration in today’s world and often in his daily life. Working from photomontages or webcam photos, Levy-Lasne transcribes trivial scenes such as friends on the beach, a corner of the kitchen, young people in a nightclub…

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He thus develops a very personal kind of realism, which rejects hyperrealism as much as blur effects. The artists great attention to details (a reflection, the fold of a skirt, the linen of a bed). In his quest for the “right idea”, he paints each object with the same tenderness and avoids all that could give his work a narrative dimension.

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Fête 72


 270 Tokens/ Still Image
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